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Written by Ben Pherson   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010 21:06

They're back! The Minnesota MMA News unified rankings return for the third month. But this month, you will notice some changes to the rankings.


First up, we have broken out 135 pounds, so that weight class no longer is grouped with the 145-pounders. Jin Minajev of the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy debut's at No. 1 in the 135-pound rankings, with Travis Reddinger, who is in action Friday during Combat on Capitol Hill, of the Minnesota Fight Factory at No. 2.


The second change to the rankings is a big one. Fighters who are not actively fighting in Minnesota (or the Midwest in general) have been removed from the rankings. Basically, guys who have signed with national promotions or who are fighting abroad have been placed into their own, pound-for-pound class. In other words, guys like Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk and Brett Rogers have been pulled out of the regular weight-class rankings and placed into our "Power Poll."

This was done for several reasons. First and foremost, we wanted to get more names in the poll. As you will see below, that has happened.

Secondly, we would eventually like to start crowning unified Minnesota champions at each weight class. Now, that appears possible, whereas previously, it would have been impossible to have Brock Lesnar fight say, Kevin Asplund, for the Minnesota heavyweight title. Now, Travis Wiuff vs. Zak Jensen IS possible.

The debate already came up among voters as to who should and who should not be pulled out of the poll. Each month, that will be completely left in my hands. I will inform voters before they cast their ballots which fighters should be placed in the "Power Poll." These names will continue to change. For instance, Nick Thompson is rumored to be looking for local fights for the next few months. As soon as he fights back in Minnesota, he will move from the "Power Poll" into the regular rankings.

On the flip side, Wiuff is fighting this weekend for Moosin out in Boston. However, right now he's a fighter who continues to compete locally, so he'll remain in the regular rankings until he signs to compete regularly outside of the Minnesota scene.

So, I hope readers understand our motives. As previously stated, the biggest reason we made this change was to get more local fighters on the list, and that has happened.

So, without further delay, here are the new Minnesota MMA News Unified Rankings:



1. Shana Olsen

2. Kaitlin Young

3. Kelly Kobald

4. Aimee Slama

5. Melissa Schiro

6. Mariah Johnson


1. Jin Minajev

2. Travis Reddinger

3. Brandon Merkt

4. Zach Wolff

5. Billy Jochum

6. Brandon Buchholz

7. Jared Chaney

8. Marvin Blumer

9. Devin Hoyt

10. Aruan Campa


1. Rich Taylor

2. Gabe Greenburg

3. Mike Richman

4. Austin Judge

5. Courtney Buck

6. Nate Schut

7. Mitch Jackson

8. Pat Schilling

9. Melvin Blumer

10. Drew Wells


1. Travis Perzynski

2. Marcus LeVesseur

3. Kyle Jensen

4. Ashkan Morvari

5. Steve Merth

6. Brandon Girtz

7. Derek Getzel

8. Zach Juusola

9. Lance Harding

10. Sam Schad


1. Brock Larson

2. Tommy Speer

3. Tat Romero

4. Jeremy Lang

5. Joey Clark

6. Adam McDonough

7. Dylan Spicer

8. Jordan Shepherd

9. Justin Kratzke

10. Jay Wood


1. Charley Lynch

2. Jeremy Hamilton

3. Dave Menne

4. Garrett Olson

5. Isaiah Larson

6. Rico Washington

7. Jake Doerr

8. Derek Smith

9. Kelly Beyers

10. Jesse Midas


1. Logan Clark

2. Karl Knothe

3. Shane DeZee

4. Josh Janousek

5. Billy Boeschenstein

6. Josh Froelich

7. Jeff Doyle

8. Miguel Cooley

9. Chris Barden

10. Justin Rheaume


1. Travis Wiuff

2. Zak Jensen

3. Kevin Asplund

4. Reese Hernandez

5. Jesse Wallace

6. Kevin Garlitch

7. Jeremy Beck

8. John Olson

9. Jami Klair

10. Cameron Befort


(Minnesota guys who are with bigger promotions and aren't fighting actively within the state. This list will change month-to-month.)

1. Brock Lesnar

2. Sean Sherk

3. Nick Thompson

4. Nik Lentz

5. Chris Tuchscherer

6. Jacob Volkmann

7. Brett Rogers

8. Roger Huerta

9. Cole Konrad

10. Carey Vanier

11. Paul Bradley

12. Derrick Noble